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Backyard Farm Tour 2014

BYFT Booklets Now on Sale at These Locations

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 28, 2014

Now on Sale!

Central Oregon Locavore, 1216 NE 1st Street
Strictly Organic Coffee Co., 6 SW Bond
The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas
Cowgirl Cash, 924 Brooks
Lone Pine Coffee, 845 Tin Pan Alley

Fundraising Info--if you would prefer to donate to GMO Labeling Central Oregon Alliance, purchase your booklet at The Environmental Center. Purchasing at the other locations the funds go to Locavore. Every penny goes to the respective orgs. The BYFT, like a gardener and food doesn't need money to make it happen!


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Latest News

Bend Residents Sign a Petition to Allow Goats

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 31, 2014

Current city regulations do not permit goats on less than five acres of land.  Sign the petition at

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Bend Bikes is Leading a Bike Ride of BYFT

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 29, 2014

Bend Bikes

Bend Bikes is leading a bike ride of a few of the backyard farms on the tour. Meet at Bend Velo (in the Maker’s District on NE 1st) at 10:45 on September 6th to join in the fun. That is right next door to Central Oregon Locavore Non-Profit. Bend Bikes rides are casual, bike commuter type rides--not your lycra wearing hammerhead types. They generally go for about 10 miles. Bike riders that go next door can get a special Bike Riders discount on the BYFT guide booklet of just $5. Anyone doing the BYFT on bicycle, not just on this ride, gets the discount. You must buy at Locavore though. You can still pay $10 if want to contribute to the cause too.

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Map of all the BYFT Stops

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 28, 2014

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Where to get Seeds

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 27, 2014

Bend has a great seed saving program.  It is housed at Central Oregon Locavore.  This the way it works -- I'm pretty sure  -- You get your first pack for free, subsequent are just $1 or you can trade seeds you save.  I always let several plants go to seed.  For instance I have a killer Kale and Marigolds, so why would I go out and take a chance another strain?  The amount of seeds from 1 plant is usually enough for half the town, so why not share?  Another benefit of saving seeds even if you are careful, is you will get these plants coming up on their own in places that you wouldn't expect--Some may not appreciate anarchic gardening like that, but I do.  They are having a seed saving class Sept. 18.  More info at


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Backyard Farm Tour 2014 Guide Booklet Now Available

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 26, 2014

The 2014 BYFT Guide Booklet is now on sale at Central Oregon Locavore,1216 NE 1st Street.  Tomorrow it will be available at other locations.   Check back here for details.  Click the graphic for a preview.


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BYFT Posters

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 22, 2014

The beautiful, colorful BYFT posters are now available.  Of course the BYFT main office and all its subsidiaries operate in the cloud -- or maybe just the fog -- so you have to print them yourself.

11" x 17"

8.5" x 11"

byft poster

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The BYFT Official Theme Song

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 20, 2014

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Hollinshead Community Garden Open House Held in Conjuction with BYFT

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 17, 2014

HollinsheadHollinshead Community Garden is a exceptional community garden with demonstration areas that you can learn from and some long time gardeners that are very good.  It's a kaleidescope of color and interesting growing techniques.

Not only is Hollinshead Community Garden a tour stop on the BYFT, but at the same time they are holding their open house.  A whole range of activities are scheduled and backyardfarmtourists are invited to partake.  Here's what they've got going on:


10am-2pm Tour the vegetable gardens with an OSU Certified Master Gardener
10am -2pm Tour the Hollinshead Homestead House and Bunk House and visit with Sharron Rosengarth who lived there as a child


10am Key Practices of Growing Perennial, Herb, Ornamental Grass, Annual & Butterfly Attracting
11am Garden of Eatin’ – See and learn how to grow an incredible vegetable garden
Noon You Too Can Grow Tomatoes
1pm Preserving Your Harvest - OSU Master Food Preservers


10:30 - Noon Tomato tasting and homemade mozzarella cheese sampling. Choose your favorites
10am-2pm Sample Herb Infused Waters

See and Ask

Got a gardening question? Ask an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener as you roam the
demonstration and vegetable gardens
Wonder what that insect or weed is in your yard? Check the displays of common weeds and insects
Visit with watercolor artists as they paint in the garden
Meet Ms. Tomato and the Busy Bee
Learn and share with fellow gardeners – they all love to talk
Row cover and soil thermometers available for purchase

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