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Backyard Farm Tour 2014

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Bend Bulletin: Gardeners share their secrets at Backyard Farm Tour

post by: Dale Friedkin  September 7, 2014

Short growing season in Central Oregon is no obstacle for the creative

By Scott Hammers / The Bulletin

Published Sep 7, 2014 at 12:01AM

It was a garden party on the go Saturday, with dozens of plant lovers fanning out across Bend and Tumalo for the fifth annual Backyard Farm Tour.

Organizer Dale Friedkin said the event is an opportunity to learn from some of the region’s most passionate gardeners, and, through the sale of guidebooks to the 16 different gardens and farms featured this year, a fundraiser benefiting Central Oregon Locavore and the GMO Labeling Central Oregon Alliance...

more at

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Tips for Cycling the BYFT

post by: Dale Friedkin  September 5, 2014

Biking the whole BYFT would be around 45 miles.  If you are a pretty good cyclist it is very possible.  If you are not a very ambitious or a casual rider, it would be a good idea to join the Bend Bikes ride. There is a lot of possibilities between those 2 options too.  Maybe you can start with the Bend Bikes ride and then do some extra stops on your own.  How about driving to some and biking some?

Putting together the BYFT, I have already biked to each place at least twice.  I like to bike off the roads if possible and get away from the cars.  There is plenty of opportunity to do that this year and all of those routes can still be done with road bikes.  Probably the best area to bike the BYFT is from stops #E, #F or #G to #D and then #C.  You can connect those stops by the Larkspur Trail.  From #E, #F or #G get to the start of the Larkspur Trail on Neff just east of Pilot Butte Middle School.  To get to stop #D exit the trail at Derek Dr go to Savanah and take it to the next block, which is Zachery.  After #D, go back the way you came.  The Larkspur Trail then goes through the Pilot Butte Park parking lot and goes underneath Hwy 20 to 15th St, which it parallels on east.  The trail stops at Bear Creek.  2 blocks east right across from Alpenview Ln it starts again.  The Larkspur Trail ends at the Bend Senior Center Park which is right by #C.  All of that is doable on a Road Bike.

Other off road possibilities include the Deschutes River Trail from the westside to Archie Briggs to OB Riley to #P.  Hunnel Rd. is a very uncrowded road, with a 1.5 mile section of dirt road to #N.  Don't do Hunnel south of Rogers unless you are on a Mountainbike.  Stops #L and #K are on cinder road which is not really doable on skinny road bike tires.  The only climb on the BYFT is up the hill to #J.  The view is worth it though!

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Pick up Guide Booklet the Day of the BYFT

post by: Dale Friedkin  September 5, 2014

BYFT Guide Booklets will be available the day of the event.  Most of the places selling the booklet will be open:

Central Oregon Locavore, 1216 NE 1st Street
Strictly Organic Coffee Co., 6 SW Bond
Cowgirl Cash, 924 Brooks
Lone Pine Coffee, 845 Tin Pan Alley

You can also pickup the booklet at a couple of stops on the BYFT.  Stop #B and #J will have some for purchase.  They are at the southern and northern ends of the tour which will be convenient for those coming from out of town.  Consult or for the exact location.  No one punches your ticket on the BYFT and all the info is online at the above links, so you don't have to make them your first stop either.  If you are asking yourself why you have to buy the guide at all, you don't, but it is convenient to have the booklet and the money 100% supports the worthy causes of Central Oregon Locavore and GMO-Labeling Central Oregon Alliance.

We hope to see you on the tour Saturday September 6, 10am to 4pm!

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GETIT Shuttle Offering Rides on the BYFT

post by: Dale Friedkin  September 4, 2014

GETIT Shuttle

Alternative Transportation Option for Backyardfarmtourists

GETIT Shuttle(, a local green energy tour shuttle, is offering rides to Backyardfarmtourists of the BYFT, Saturday September 6th.  For only $20, much less than their typical tours, the GETIT Shuttle offers an approximately 4 hour ride to most of the BYFT stops and the guide booklet is included in the price.

To reserve a spot call and for more info call (541) 610-6103.

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Bend Residents Sign a Petition to Allow Goats

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 31, 2014

Current city regulations do not permit goats on less than five acres of land.  Sign the petition at

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Bend Bikes is Leading a Bike Ride of BYFT

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 29, 2014

Bend Bikes

Bend Bikes is leading a bike ride of a few of the backyard farms on the tour. Meet at Bend Velo (in the Maker’s District on NE 1st) at 10:45 on September 6th to join in the fun. That is right next door to Central Oregon Locavore Non-Profit. Bend Bikes rides are casual, bike commuter type rides--not your lycra wearing hammerhead types. They generally go for about 10 miles. Bike riders that go next door can get a special Bike Riders discount on the BYFT guide booklet of just $5. Anyone doing the BYFT on bicycle, not just on this ride, gets the discount. You must buy at Locavore though. You can still pay $10 if want to contribute to the cause too.

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Map of all the BYFT Stops

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 28, 2014

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BYFT Booklets Now on Sale at These Locations

post by: Dale Friedkin  August 28, 2014

Now on Sale!

Central Oregon Locavore, 1216 NE 1st Street
Strictly Organic Coffee Co., 6 SW Bond
The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas
Cowgirl Cash, 924 Brooks
Lone Pine Coffee, 845 Tin Pan Alley

Fundraising Info--if you would prefer to donate to GMO Labeling Central Oregon Alliance, purchase your booklet at The Environmental Center. Purchasing at the other locations the funds go to Locavore. Every penny goes to the respective orgs. The BYFT, like a gardener and food doesn't need money to make it happen!


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