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Backyard Farm Tour 2014

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Shabby Gardens Wanted for BYFT 2014

post by: Dale Friedkin  July 20, 2014

Some videos are making the rounds on the internets showing the workspaces of some famous programmers.  They are all a mess!  Yesterday I was visiting a prospective stop on this year's tour.  I typically show up out of the blue and unannounced. I was admiring mature fruit trees laden with fruits and robust tomatoes and cucumbers all over the place, and got a sheepish apology for the place being a mess.  I think, what? and only then I notice that place is a bit haphazard and disheveled (but not as bad as my place!). 

A Shabby Garden - perfect for the BYFT!

Participants from previous years when considering another appearance will bemoan having to clean their place up to get ready.  The fact is that if you have an antiseptic, ordered and fastidious garden, it is probably not one the BYFT would be interested in.  Not to be categorical about this, but it is far more likely that people who are creative, inspired and over the edge with experimentation and boldness do not have time for the little insignificant details, like cleaning up.  Obsessively neat people generally do not make good gardeners.  Good gardeners do not achieve order, but work to achieve ordered disorder.  2 years ago on the BYFT the guides showing people Fields Farm had to explain all the weeds.  They have 2 or 3 people to work 10 acres.  Weeding the overspray of the irrigation is not a priority.    What is more neat and clean than the proper American suburban lawn?  Dandelions are removed via noxious pesticide,  there is nary a brown spot or intrusive plant.  It is total order and control, it is a Nazi Regime on the Flora, the denial of nature itself and the antithesis of everything the BYFT is about.

So BYFT host stops, don't worry about it, people who are looking at the mess are looking at the wrong thing.  Last year, I spent the hour before the backyardfarmtourists came cleaning up.  I wondered why I had that junk lying around for so long after I removed it.  Then the backyardfarmtourists started showing up early and I had to put off some cleaning up yet again.

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GMO Lecture at COCC Sat 7-19

post by: Dale Friedkin  July 18, 2014

The BYFT will be out and about Saturday the 19th scouting some potential stops for the tour, then will hit the NWX Farmers Market. At least a couple of the vendors there will be on the tour. Then will attend this lecture at the College and talk to the GMO Labeling Central Oregon Alliance about how we can work together for local, non-industrialized food production!

GMO Labeling Central Oregon Alliance

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Bend's 5th Annual Backyard Farm Tour set for September 6th and 7th, 2014

post by: Dale Friedkin  July 18, 2014

That's the first weekend after Labor Day. Traditionally the BYFT has been on the weekend before Labor Day, but a lot of people are out of town in August and though we had excellent attendance, we wouldn't want anyone to miss our excellent event. It's still Summer then too! Time will be 11:00 to 4:00.

The BYFT is self guided tour of specially selected farms and gardens. It is provided freely as an educational resource with all info online, but is also a fundraiser for local non-profits. The non-profits, such as Locavore and KPOV, will be selling convenient guide booklets for $10 and keep all of the proceeds for themselves. The BYFT showcases farms and gardens that are making the local food revolution happen.

The BYFT takes place in and around Bend. Last year we went pretty much to the edge of town and past it in all directions and to the Tumalo Rd./Tumalo area too. There is a lot of great places further out but we want it to be bikable too.

Follow us by subscribing to our email list, RSS feed or on Facebook to stay informed as the BYFT takes shape. Links to all of those and to our email is at the top of our web pages. If you'd be interested on having your garden or farm being on the tour email us with a description and address and when can come check it out.

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Bend's Annual Chicken Coop Tour Sat May 10

post by: Dale  May 1, 2014

To hold us over until the byft later in the summer... not to be missed is Bend's Annual Chicken Coop Tour. It is happening on Saturday May 10.  More info at:


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